Sydney Alavar's cryogonal has had a tumultuous life. Originally captured on the peaks of Mt. Tamarind, the ice type pokemon was sent very shortly thereafter to live in the Alavar family's private zoo in Lime City. Inquisitive and self-reliant by nature, the cryogonal was quite happy to live out his days in the small yet comfortable arctic habitat, visited every so often by his trainer. His peaceful days were not to be, however. A pair of Team Rocket operatives from Procurement decided to break into the zoo one night, in an attempt to acquire some pokemon required by their department. Finding the cryogonal to be a satisfactory match, they managed to capture him in a bag while he slept. Cryogonal fought against them as best he could from the bag, but he could not manage to free himself. In order to knock him out, and also to more easily climb the fire escape, the pair threw Cryogonal off of the building at the 6th story, severely injuring the kidnapped pokemon. Though Team Rocket's staff nurse managed to revive him, hairline fractures can still be clearly seen criss-crossing through his body and one of his tines has been permanently broken off.

Grouped with Combee, who had been kidnapped along with Cryogonal, an arbok and a gyrados, Cryogonal was used by Team Rocket in a specialized team lent out for specific theft missions. He was instrumental in the getaway stage of several break-ins before the Team Rocket trainers using him were caught red-handed during a ploy at the Avacado Town Spring Scavenger Hunt. The police took the pokemon into custody, and after some record-searching, he was returned, along with Combee, to Sydney. Now Cryogonal, much more timid due to his experiences, is living once again in the Apple Meadows zoo.

Techniques knownEdit

  • Hail
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