Mikhail Revnik is a fit man in his late forties with silvering hair, and is the Director of Team Rocket Rinjoh, Finance Division. He likes expensive clothes, expensive food, expensive houses and expensive wine; luckily, he’s as good at managing money as he is at spending it, if not better. A master of wheedling business deals, playing the markets and making friends in high places, Revnik was relocated (at considerable expense) to Rinjoh to be the head of Finance. He brought with him his son, Nikola, but left his ex-wife who, in his words, is “an ungrateful, whining Sandshrew who wouldn’t know a good thing if it hit her in the face.”

Despite the Finance Department's original location in the Lemon City, Revnik moved the entire operation to Pomegranate City as he "prefered a shorter commute". Despite the amount of effort involved in that, he still tends to work off-site, usually from his private island villa near Pomegranate. His flagrant personal expenditures aside, he is by far the shrewdest Director that Team Rocket has had in a long time, and the benefits the company reaps from his business dealings make his high price tag worthwhile.


While Revnik does have a team of pokemon who are reasonably powerful in their own right, strenuous training does not suit him.