Gregory Waves is quiet, nervous, middle-aged man who serves as the director of the Lemon City Radio Tower. He prefers the quaint nature of radio broadcast to more modern forms of communication.

When he was approached by members of Team Rocket who offered "protection," Gregory quickly ceded to their demands. At the expense of allowing the Rockets intermittent air time, apparently for transmitting coded messages, as well as a monthly tithe, the group permitted the Radio Tower to continue normal operation. In Gregory's mind, the money and radio control the the Rockets desired was a small price to pay for keeping the status quo.

When an RPS team visiting the tower on League business got word of the protection racket, they set up a plan to free the tower from the Rockets' grip. With the help of Matt and Alistair, Gregory found the courage to stand up to his foes, and he personally helped arrest one of their members.