Deirdre Plum-Blossom, Director of Team Rocket Rinjoh, Technology Division, is a plump woman in her early forties with bobbed hair and a pleasant attitude. In her youth, a rebellious streak led her to fall in with Team Rocket; although she grew out of her restlessness and settled down to start a family, she kept her desk job, unbeknownst to her husband and children. A wizard with computers, this stay-at-home mother raises her four children and takes care of her house, while also secretly heading the Technology Division. Due to the demands of motherhood, Plum-Blossom does most of her work from her home in Tangerine Town, going in to the office only when necessary, but she generally brings fresh baked goods on these occasions.


Plum-Blossom was never a particularly adept pokemon trainer, even when she was younger. She has only kept one pokemon from her days as a trainer, Porygon2; the rest she released or gave to friends.


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