Chef Ramses' Seafood Emporium is a fast food restaurant which, contary to its name, serves a wide variety of different dishes, made almost exclusively from crab. It is run by the angry Chef Ramses himself, who is known for yelling and berating his customers; despite the horrible customer service, the establishment gets a fair bit of business, as it is the only fast food joint in Coconut Town. The building features a large krabby on the front of its roof.

Besides Chef Ramses, the restaurant has only one other employee: a line chef/fisherman who is responsible for both catching the freshwater crab in the nearby Cinnamon River and cooking them, as well as doing most of the store's cleaning. The amount of work required of him combined with the almost constant verbal abuse makes his days long and thankless; he secretly hopes that one day he'll be hired as a gourmet chef in Lemon City.

The establishment's most frequent regular customer can be found sitting in the dining area most days, yelling back at the chef for more crab.