Carmen Merryworth is the Director of Team Rocket Rinjoh, Procurement Division. A woman in her early thirties with fair skin, dark eyes and auburn hair, she has a lust for power, a head for business and a body to die for. Using a combination of her physical allure, her intelligence and her dominant attitude, she became very good at getting what she wanted, and was eventually promoted to head of Procurement.

Merryworth seems to take great pleasure in toying with her employees, especially the young male ones; she wears business clothes, albeit with hem and necklines that hardly suggest "workplace appropriate", and seems to prefer stretching and leaning over to actually sitting at her desk. Despite this, she is known as a ruthless boss with little acceptance of failure and no leniency for those who ignore procedure. She is rigidly punctual, and can be found in her Lime City office from exactly 9-5 on weekdays, provided that you have an appointment.

It is whispered through the Procurement corridors that Merryworth stars in an ongoing series of adult movies. While the clips are passed around with relish, nobody dares ask their boss if it is in fact her.

Merryworth has a strained relationship with Cranston, the Director of Legal, as he has a tendency to call her at any available opportunity to nitpick fine print with her. She uses her mastery of corporate process to subtly change the codes which allow him to contact her, but he continues to find loopholes, leading to what she finds to be a highly obnoxious game of tug-of-war.


Merryworth has a well-honed team of pokemon, trained to flawlessly perform field missions with little to no supervision, as she was never one to do her own dirty work.